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Now out of beta, GeForce Now offers cloud-based streaming of owned Steam and EGS games

Nvidia's Stadia competitor GeForce Now allows its users to stream their own games to other devices, completely dodging potential concerns over an unappealing launch library as it exits beta.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

February 4, 2020

1 Min Read

Nvida has brought GeForce Now out of beta, essentially bringing its cloud-based game streaming service head to head against the likes of Google Stadia and Project xCloud, in an increasingly competitive space.

GeForce Now has a handful of differences from its fellow streaming services out there already, but most notably it allows its subscribers to use their existing game libraries from Steam, Epic Games Store, Battle.net, and Uplay with the service.

That key feature sidesteps the issue many Stadia users say Google’s game streaming option is facing right now due to a limited library that has been slow to expand since the platform’s semi-launch in November.

GeForce Now itself has been in the works for the last five years or so, though it’s undergone some significant changes since its first reveal. The current version of GeForce Now launched into beta in 2017, and has been quietly adding platforms and features throughout that period up until today’s launch.

Right now, it comes with a free subscription option that allows users to stream already-owned games to PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield TV, or Android via its data centers, though that free option limits each session to only 1 hour of play. The next tier up offers a $4.99 monthly rate (though the site notes the pricing is a limited time offering) that extends the session length to 6 hours and prioritizes access when server availability is limited.

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