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Nordic Game describes itself as one of Europe's leading game conferences.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

April 19, 2022

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Nordic Game organizers have implemented a whistle-blower system in response to sexual harassment allegations concerning a number of conference staff.

Conference managing director Erik Robertson said the whistle-blower channel, which is administered by an independent law firm, will allow Nordic Game workers and attendees to report "all unacceptable behavior."

"If you witness something inappropriate or feel yourself threatened, uncomfortable or harassed in any way, report it to our independent whistle-blower channel. Your safety and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us," said Robertson.

The channel has been created after multiple Nordic Game employees were accused of sexual harassment, with Robertson describing the allegations as "disturbing."

"A few months ago, we learned of disturbing allegations of sexual harassment by Nordic Game staff. We immediately acknowledged this, enforced restrictions on these staff members, started investigating the allegations and reached out to those in contact with the alleged victims," wrote the managing director.

"We also consulted closely with industry organisations and associations in the region on the important steps required by us to vigorously address the allegations, as well as to ensure the future well-being and peace of mind of our industry colleagues, partners and participants."

The swathe of allegations prompted Nordic Game CCO, program director, and host, Jacob Riis, to step down earlier this month. In a statement published on the Nordic Game website, Riis said the allegations "shook me to my core," adding the decision to resign came "after much soul-searching."

Responding to Riis' resignation and the seven-month long investigation into the allegations, Robertson said he feels he "acted promptly on information as I've received it and investigated as thoroughly as I've been able," addressing concerns he took too long to complete the investigation.

"As it seems not to have been clear enough, I repeat that I’m very sorry for any and all discomfort caused, and grateful that this has come to light, so that it can be remedied," he added.

Robertson also implored other small businesses to conduct staff training and create a clear code of conduct, and said Nordic Game will also be implementing "several additional measures" -- including a revised code of conduct -- to ensure the safety of everybody at the conference when it returns in May 2022.

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