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Nintendo's latest Switch update ushers in system-level button remapping

The latest firmware update for the Nintendo Switch brings the system up to version 10 and adds new data transfer and controller-remapping options.

Alissa McAloon

April 14, 2020

1 Min Read

The Nintendo Switch is now running on 10.0.0, and has received a handful of new and useful features as a result of that latest system update.

One especially notable addition that developers should keep an eye on is the freshly added ability for players to remap buttons for their Switch controllers at a system level.

It’s a welcome addition for many, especially those who may have found the Switch’s accessibility features to be lacking during its first three years out in the world.

Functions for analog sticks and buttons on Switch Joy-Cons, Pro Controllers, and the all-in-one Switch Lite can be changed around or outright disabled in some cases to your heart’s content.

Up to five configurations can be saved per system, allowing players to create a custom controller configuration for use with games of a particular genre or shift the functions of different buttons to better suit their own needs and preferences all around.

Other welcome additions include new options for data transfer between the Switch’s internal memory and an SD card, the ability to bookmark news stories featured in the console’s news feed, and a handful of new user profile icons based on the colorful cast of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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