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Nintendo Prepares Gamecube Online

Nintendo will offer an online add-on for Gamecube, but it will be up to developers and publisher to make something of it.

Game Developer, Staff

May 14, 2002

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Nintendo will offer dial-up and high-speed network adapters this summer in Japan and in the fall in North America at a price of $34.95. The first online Gamecube title, Phantasy Star Online from Sega, should appear at the same time. Phantasy Star is indicative of Nintendo’s online strategy. The company doesn’t plan to offer any proprietary online service and won’t charge publishers any fees related to online play. Game publishers will be responsible for operating their own online games and will keep any additional fees charged to players. “Nintendo's position is that online is a feature to extend the console and the gameplay,” said Nintendo’s Jim Merrick, “but in and of itself online does not make a game.” Nintendo is said to be considering a number of online projects, but doesn’t plan to have anything ready for the launch of the online adapter.

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