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Nintendo Drops Gamecube Royalty Rates

Hoping to lure more titles to the Gamecube, today Nintendo announced that it was lowering the royalty rates that third-party publishers pay the console maker.

Game Developer, Staff

April 10, 2003

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The precise change in the rate was not disclosed. In an interview with Reuters, George Harrison, senior vice president of marketing for Nintendo of America voiced his concern that the company is missing out on key titles. "The biggest games of the year last year were games like GTA 3 and they came from an independent publisher," Harrison said. "We need to make sure that we have good relationships with all the independent publishers, because you never know where the next big hit game is going to come from." Nintendo said it will make an effort to lure new third-party developers/publishers to the Gamecube, and will showcase more of these games at E3 next month.

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