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Nintendo Confirms First-Party Japanese Gamecube Launch Titles

Nintendo Co. Ltd. has confirmed two internally developed titles that will be available for the Japanese launch of Gamecube on September 14.

Game Developer

July 2, 2001

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Both Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm will be available at the console's launch for 6,800 yen (approx. $55). Nintendo will follow up with the release of Shigeru Miyamoto's latest brainchild, Pikmin, on October 26, the new Super Smash Brothers sometime in November, and Eternal Darkness and Animal Planet in December. The Gamecube is scheduled for a November 5 launch in the U.S.; Nintendo has yet to confirm the launch lineup for the U.S. debut, or any details regarding the release dates of third-party titles on the console in Japan or elsewhere.

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