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New Study Reveals Teenagers' Gaming Habits

A new study from <a href="http://www.jupiterresearch.com">Jupiter Research</a> reveals some major differences in the game playing habits of teenagers in high vs. low-income households.

Game Developer, Staff

April 1, 2003

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The study results show that among children 13-17 years old, those with an annual family income of less than $35,000 per year spend 50 percent more time each week playing videogames than teenagers in families whose income is over $74,000 per year. Differences in the genders' playing habits were also uncovered. Among 13-17 year olds, 67% of girls play videogames each month, compared to 95% of the boys. Other survey results: -Overall, teens still spend more time spend watching TV, going online or listening to the radio than playing videogames. -A third of the teenagers surveyed cited price as the most important factor when deciding which console to buy. Only 8 percent said the ability to play games online was an important factor.

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