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New Game Development Salary Survey Published

A new salary survey of game developers was published by Game Developer magazine, which is now available online at the web site for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

Game Developer, Staff

July 24, 2002

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The survey, which also appears in the July issue of the magazine, reveals the following:

  • The average game programmer salary is $66,000.

    • A technical director with 6 or more years experience earns an average of $104,000.

    • Game artists earn an average of $61,000.

    • A game designer with one year of experience earns an average of $52,000, with the highest salary reported at $300,000.

    • Game producers earn an average of $76,000.

    • Developer salaries are highest in California and Texas, where game development studios tend to cluster.

    • Women in the game industry fare better than women in other industries, earning 89 cents on the dollar, exceeding the national average of 76 cents. The survey can be seen at http://www.igda.org/Endeavors/Research/Salary/salary.htm, and requires a free IGDA membership for viewing. Game Developer magazine is published by the Gama Network, which also produces this site.

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