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Microsoft Reveals XNA Game Studio GDC Games

Microsoft has revealed the results of the XNA Game Studio Express Challenge, in which independent developers at GDC took four days to create four games at the company's "XNA lobby bar," including 3D RPG DungeonQuest and 4 player shooter _Damage C

Jason Dobson, Blogger

March 12, 2007

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Microsoft has revealed the results of the XNA Game Studio Express Challenge, which invited four teams of independent developers to take four days to create four games with XNA Game Studio Express tools at the company's "XNA lobby bar." Held during the recent GDC event in San Francisco, Microsoft used the challenge as a platform to launch its Dream-Build-Play game development contest, which offers aspiring developers the chance to create original games using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express tool set for the chance to win $10,000 and a Live Arcade distribution deal for the winning independent developer. German developers Benjamin Nitschke and Christoph Rienaecker from exDream created DungeonQuest, a 3D dungeon crawl style RPG that supports two player cooperative multiplayer. Another challenge entry, Simian Escape, a 2D run-and-jump game in a prehistoric setting was produced by independent game developers Jonathon Stevens and Patrick Glanville with the help of Torque X, which is included in the full version of XNA. UK hobbyist developer Josh Butterworth and artist Maher Al-Samkari created Damage Control, a four player multiplayer siege game where the player must defend his or her base from alien hordes, developed with help from the NeoGAF forum community. Finally, AbduX, which was created by Brazilian developer Andre Furtado, places the player in the role of an alien flying saucer pilot on the hunt for humans to abduct. Of particular interest with this game is how it incorporates voice recognition commands in order to control the spacecraft. Each of these four games are now available for download, and anyone with XNA Game Studio Express can play the games on a Windows PC. The Dream-Build-Play contest itself is open to any user of Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express. The contest will end July 2, 2007, with winners announced at Microsoft's Gamefest 2007 on August 13. For more information on the contest, including eligibility details and entry requirements, visit the official Dream-Build-Play website.

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