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Microsoft Fleshes Out Xbox Feature Set

Trying to embrace what they term the 'Digital Entertainment Lifestyle', Microsoft announced a number of new products and services for the Xbox, including Music Mixer and XSN Sports.

Game Developer, Staff

May 13, 2003

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Additionally, the company announced a new series of features for Xbox Live, including the following:

  • Xbox Live Alerts. Gamers can receive invitations to play via their PDA, cell phone or MSN Messenger.

    • Xbox Live Web. Xbox Live stats and friends lists will be available to view through a new Xbox site.

    • Xbox Live Aware Games. More games will allow users to be "logged on" while playing.

    • Team Competition.

    • Xbox Live Now. A lobby for players to meet and use voice chat. Along with the new Xbox Live features, Microsoft unveiled XSN Sports. Scheduled to launch in August, XSN Sports will let players form "virtual leagues" and let them check stats on a virtual sports page. The XSN Sports network will include NFL Fever 2004, NBA Inside Drive 2004, Top Spin, Amped 2, Links 2004 and NHL Rivals. Microsoft's Music Mixer, a new product for the Xbox, adds new audio functionality to the console, including these features:

    • Digital lyric-stripping technology.

    • The ability for players to mix, match, shuffle and customize soundtracks.

    • Interactive 2D and 3D on-screen visualizers.

    • PC media sharing. Music Mixer will debut this holiday season in the United States for an estimated retail price of $39.99.

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