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Microsoft at TGS: Sega on Board for Xbox

Microsoft announced at the Tokyo Game Show a long-term publishing deal with Sega to bring future Sega titles to Xbox.

Game Developer, Staff

March 30, 2001

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Eleven Sega titles will premiere on Xbox, according to Microsoft. The first four Sega titles to premiere on Xbox will be the skating game Jet Grind Radio Future (tentative title), the RPG Panzer Dragoon (latest version), the shooter Gunvalkyrie, and the racer Sega GT (latest version). Sega will also be utilizing Xbox's broadband online gaming capabilities, according to the announcement. "We share Microsoft's commitment to broadband online gaming and will work with it to deliver the best content possible to gamers," said Sega of America president and COO Peter Moore. None of the titles announced will be Xbox-exclusive. Sega has already made publishing arrangements for Sony's Playstation 2 and Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, so a similar deal for Nintendo's Gamecube, which is scheduled to debut at around the same time as Xbox, certainly cannot be ruled out yet. The full video of Bill Gates' Tokyo Game Show address is available at www.xbox.com.

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