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Metro3D Resurrected As European Branch

Confusion over the fate of former U.S.-headquartered publisher Metro3D (Armada for Sega Dreamcast) has led Gamasutra to investigate the game developer and publishe...

John Andersen, Blogger

January 31, 2006

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Confusion over the fate of former U.S.-headquartered publisher Metro3D (Armada for Sega Dreamcast) has led Gamasutra to investigate the game developer and publisher, under the management of CEO Dr. Stephen C.H. Lin, which shut down its San Diego offices and filed for chapter 11 back in 2004. It has now been revealed that Metro3D Inc shareholders sold off its European division in June of 2005 to Stewart Green. Green has now re-established Metro3D Europe (M3DE), as a separate UK registered company, and will be unaffected by the on-going chapter 11 status of its former U.S. parent company. "We are now concentrating on releasing affordable games, which is where we see the market moving towards, and this Christmas has proven that shift in the market. The titles are currently only on sale in Europe, we are looking for a U.S. distribution partner or to set up a U.S. publishing division," Green said in a statement made this week. "We intend to produce PSP titles this year and probably next-gen titles next year if the market grows to significant numbers quick enough," he continued. Metro3D Europe has been currently producing PC and PS2 titles including Rig Racer 2, and its upcoming London Taxi Rushhour has a February 3rd UK street date. In addition to Green's duties as a project manager for Metro3D Europe, Green will continue to run his own company, Green Solutions Limited that has three separate divisions related to gaming under its operation: Artworld Studios, Data Design Solutions, and All-Star Gaming. Metro3D Inc, founded in 1998, still has a live website listing a disconnected San Jose office phone number. According to a May 2004 article in the Silicon Valley San Jose Business Journal, Lin and Metro 3D Inc entered bankruptcy proceedings after defaulting on a series of loans from Cathay Bank totaling $6.5 million. The first loan payment of $500,000 was defaulted by Metro3D Inc, according to a Cathay Bank court motion, this then triggered a default on all other loans. The status of other remaining intellectual game property of Metro 3D Inc remains unknown, calls to the Lin's bankruptcy attorney were not returned. Among the games in its intellectual property library are Dinosaur Hunting for the Xbox, Smash Cars for the PS2, and Gem Smasher for the GBA.

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