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Majesco Announces Wii Exclusive Photo Safari Title

Majesco (Cooking Mama, Diner Dash) has announced a new Wii title called Wild Earth: African Safari currently in development by former IGF winners Super X Studios, which challenges players to photograph 30 different wild animals inhabiting th

Leigh Alexander

December 13, 2007

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Majesco (Cooking Mama, Diner Dash) has announced Wild Earth: African Safari, a new Wii title in development by Super X Studios, related to the developer's 2005 Independent Game Conference-winning entry of the same name. Wild Earth: African Safari is a safari adventure simulation set in Africa's Serengeti National Park, where players take photos of the continent's wildlife. Playing as a photojournalist, players must visually chronicle 30 different wild animals inhabiting the Serengeti National Park, including rhinos, hyenas and lions. However, getting too close to the animals or disrupting the natural landscape will raise the Impact Meter, rumbling the Wii remote and interfering with picture steadiness. The PC version of the IGF-winning game originally saw some publishing troubles and terminated its contract with UK publisher Digital Jesters. This year, a version of the game was brought to Europe in conjunction with Discovery Channel and Animal Planet brands. Majesco executive vice president of operations Gui Karyo said, “Wild Earth: African Safari encompasses several great passions – photography, travel and the outdoors – and combines them into a fun and informative interactive experience. With exclusive new features found only in the Wii version, Wild Earth: African Safari lets people experience one of nature’s most complex and diverse habitats, without needing their passport or inoculations.”

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