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Majesco Announces Wonder World Amusement Park for DS

Publisher and developer Majesco has announced another internally developed project with Wonder World Amusement Park for the Nintendo DS, a portable version of its identically t

Eric Caoili

May 28, 2008

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Publisher and developer Majesco Entertainment has announced Wonder World Amusement Park for the Nintendo DS, a portable version of its identically titled Wii game, scheduled to ship this holiday season. Players will be able to use their DS touchscreen to enjoy over two dozen minigames and rides over five themed in Wonder World Amusement Park. By completing minigames, players can win tickets for redeeming prizes and accessories for their characters. Other rewrds, such as unlockable modes, games, and a secret park zone, will also be available! Unlike the Wii version of Wonder World Amusement Park, which is being developed by Operation Vietnam studio Coyote Console, this handheld release will be developed internally by Majesco Studios. The DS game will also feature multiplayer support via local wireless connection. Said Majesco vice president of internal development and studio head Bill Petro: "Our internal team is very excited to be developing original Majesco IP for such a strong, marketable concept. Wonder World for DS is a perfect complement to the Wii version and includes additional features that take advantage of the Touch Screen play to maximize the portable fun."

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