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Konami Launches MGO In-Game Shop, Gene Expansion

Konami is capitalizing on the successful launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3, and has released its first expansion for Metal Gear Online, Gene Expansion, which includes two new playable characters, three new maps, as well as iter

Eric Caoili

July 17, 2008

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In addition to launching a free update with MGOnline Reward Points and an in-game shop for buying virtual goods, Konami has released Gene Expansion and Gene Expansion Plus, its first expansions for Metal Gear Solid 4’s online multiplayer spinoff for PlayStation 3, Metal Gear Online. The free update includes minor bug fixes, two new skills, a bigger inbox allowing double the amount of messages, and dedicated clan rooms. Players can also now acquire MGOnline Reward Points through verious means - performance level of their character, filling out questionnaires, and winning tournaments - and use those Reward Points to purchase purchase character clothing, head gear, body armor, and gear at Metal Gear Online’s new in-game shop. Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion, which is available for $11.99, add two new playable characters, three new maps, a new “Survival” mode, and the ability to play as a customizable female character. Gene Expansion Plus, which sells for $14.99, includes all the above features and an extra character slot. Konami also announced at its E3 Press conference that it would be holding the Metal Gear Online World Championship 2008 in October at the Tokyo Game Show. The event will kick off with an exhibition tournament at the San Diego ComiCon with details on regional championships to be announced at a later date. Top regional teams from North America, Europe, Japan, and Greater Asia will eventually be invited to compete in the competition’s finals in Tokyo, Japan.

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