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Konami Apologizes For Metal Gear Online Problems

Konami has apologized for ongoing problems with Metal Gear Online, which has seen some customers overcharged for using the service and the closure of the MGO Shop. The problems came after the launch of the Gene Expansion pack last week.

David Jenkins

July 21, 2008

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Konami has been forced to apologize for ongoing problems with Metal Gear Online, following the recent introduction of the Gene Expansion pack last week. A statement on the company’s website admits that the introduction of the expansion was “marred by major system related problems” and reveals that there are “no permanent solutions we can announce at this present moment”. The problems appear to be due to unexpectedly high traffic levels, with Konami being forced to close the MGO Shop and Reward Shop after it became apparent that payments had been incorrectly processed and some customers overcharged. Konami claim these customers have already been refunded and the game is still playable, with the official website indicating that the server is currently online. However, it is unclear whether the random blocking of certain IP ranges is still being used as a means to alleviate server loads. The apology on the game’s website ends with the statement: “We would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere apologies for the problems that have affected all our customers that have been with us since the 'Premiere Beta' back in April. We are currently doing all in our powers to bring a permanent solution to the ongoing problems in the quickest possible time.”

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