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Itch.io's year-end breakdown offers a look at how the many projects and game jams hosted on the platform fared in 2017.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

January 4, 2018

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Indie game platform Itch.io saw as many as 100,864 new project pages created, 68,526 projects published, and a whopping 12.5 TB of files uploaded in 2017. 

These numbers come courtesy of Itch.io itself thanks to an interesting year in review post shared by the company today.

Developers curious about how the platform’s project hosting, game jam tools, or digital storefront fared in this past year should be sure to give the post a look as it provides a ton of interesting information about each aspect of the site’s offerings. 

In addition to the 100,000 plus new projects created on Itch.io last year, the platform saw 13,361 games submitted as part of 1,646 total game jams hosted. On the community side of things, Itch.io saw 134,635 new collections created with a grand total of 764,496 games and projects added to those community-curated collections. 

But what many developers may find interesting is Itch.io’s breakdown of how games performed on its digital marketplace this past year.

The company breaks down the most popular games on its platform into different categories, offering developers a look at which games received the most downloads, purchases, and highest average ‘tips’ (or money paid above a game’s minimum price). 

Thought specific numbers aren’t mentioned here, Itch.io lists Rise of Industry, Freeways, and FEZ as the three most purchased paid games published in 2017. Meanwhile, Dujanah, Everything, and Walden, a game were listed as the three most tipped games of last year.

The full list is well worth a gander and further dives into the most popular games and game jams hosted on Itch.io last year. 

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