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Eighty-two people were laid off from Washington-based children's game developer Humongous Entertainment Wednesday, more than 40 percent of the company's workforce.

Game Developer, Staff

June 15, 2001

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The future of popular Humongous characters such as Pajama Sam and Putt Putt also appears in jeopardy. Nancy Bushkin, a spokeswoman for Infogrames, which owns Humongous, said the company's remaining 117 employees will focus on the company's Backyard series of sports games for children, suggesting that "by refocusing the efforts we'll be more successful than we've been in the past." Future incarnations of character-based titles such as Pajama Sam or Freddi Fish would proceed only "as the market ... demands a need for a new title," Bushkin said. According to a report from AP, Infogrames held a company-wide meeting offsite at a hotel, where one group of Humongous employees was shepherded into one meeting room to the right, and another group, those being terminated, was sent to the left to a separate room and informed of the news.

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