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Improbable's partnership with Tencent Cloud both brings its platform to devs in China and sets up a program to aid teams to build games for the Chinese market.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

November 4, 2019

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SpatialOS maker Improbable has forged a partnership with Tencent Cloud, an arrangement that seeks to benefit developers creating games for Chinese players no matter their own location.

The duo has set up what they’re calling the Improbable/Tencent Cloud Developer Program to aid devs using SpatialOS to create Tencent Cloud-powered games for the Chinese game market.

By doing so, Improbable and Tencent Cloud hope to help developers mitigate some of the financial risk that developers shoulder throughout the game development process. Improbable notes that roughly $10 million has been set aside to provide development support like playtest and technical support, SpatialOS services, and Tencent Cloud credits.

The partnership also serves to bring Improbable’s SpatialOS platform to developers in China, opening up the cloud-based platform and the multiplayer-focused online services and tools it provides.

Applications for the Improbable/Tencent Cloud Developer Program are already open, while SpatialOS is set to launch in China for general development in early 2020.

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