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IGS Focus On: Space Giraffe

We look in further detail at Jeff Minter's Xbox 360 Live Arcade title Space Giraffe, as showcased in this morning's Independent Games Summit keynote, probing its psychedelic whole.

Brandon Sheffield, Contributor

March 5, 2007

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Jeff Minter’s keynote at the sold out, first-ever Independent Games Summit focused largely on his legacy as a staunch indie developer of over 25 years, but the notorious animal-loving Welsh resident also took this opportunity to unveil his new game, Space Giraffe, to the developer public for the first time. This was also the first official confirmation of the game's name. Space Giraffe is currently in alpha testing, and will launch on Xbox Live Arcade in the near future. Curiously, Minter stated that the game runs on the Neon architecture – the visual light machine that comes with the 360 for music visualization, which he also created. The game contains the usual humor and frenetic action Minter and his Llamasoft game label are known for, and is somewhat similar in concept to the classic Tempest series of titles. Level names such as “Eyes of Allard” let you know the game won’t be typical. The game was self-funded through his Neon earnings, and is visually the most impressive game from this man who “first saw a polygon” when he started work on the Atari Jaguar. The game allows you to integrate your own soundtrack, and is so psychedelic that Minter said recreational drugs were strictly optional for this one. More on the IGS is forthcoming throughout the day.

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Brandon Sheffield


Brandon Sheffield is creative director of Necrosoft Games, former editor of Game Developer magazine and gamasutra.com, and advisor for GDC, DICE, and other conferences. He frequently participates in game charity bundles and events.

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