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Human Head Veteran Founds Big Rooster

Ex-Human Head Studios CEO Tim Gerritsen has announced the formation of a new development studio in Wisconsin, named Big Rooster, whose first title is to be an XBLA/PSN downloadable adaptation of Games Workshop’s Talisman for Capcom.

David Jenkins, Blogger

June 6, 2007

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Ex-Human Head Studios CEO Timothy Gerritsen has announced the formation of a new development studio in Wisconsin, named Big Rooster. The new company has been founded by former Human Head Studios chairman and CEO Timothy Gerritsen, who left the developer at the end of 2006. He is joined by animation director Jeff Dewitt, art director Rowan Atalla and former Midway technical director Jason Blochowiak. Big Rooster will focus on the development of both original and license-based games. The first title the studio has announced is an adaptation of Games Workshop’s cult fantasy board game Talisman for Capcom. The game is to be released during winter 2007 on Xbox Live Arcade and Sony’s PlayStation Network service. “The opportunities for independent developers are better than they've been at any time in the industry,” commented Gerritsen. “New markets and new technologies mean new leaders need to emerge. We intend to be a driving force in shaping the new face of game development.” “We are committed to making sure that we don’t just make pretty games that are forgettable”, adds Dewitt. “We want to make games that you buy because they look great, but once you start playing you realize the depth of design involved.” “The marketplace is changing,” states Blochowiak. “Digital distribution and worldwide sales now are significant parts of the equation and finding new and exciting ways to interact with our fans will be an ongoing and rewarding challenge. As a group we have the necessary experience to understand and lead this evolutionary step in game design and studio development.”

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