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After featuring many Gamerbase multiplayer gaming centers in its stores, UK retailer HMV has acquired the company, planning to roll out more of the "cyber centers" in its other locations as part of its game-focused strategy.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

October 13, 2008

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After featuring many Gamerbase "cyber centers" in its stores, UK retailer HMV has acquired the company, planning to roll out more multiplayer gaming centers at its locations. HMV's London-based Trocadero store was the first to feature a Gamerbase center, and now the company's co-founders, Dominic Mulroy and Sujoy Roy, will work closely with HMV to supervise the rollout of more of the multiplayer centers. HMV games head Tim Ellis says in-store gaming is a key part of the retailer's overall strategy. "Where we roll them out, we’ll be looking to locate the Gamerbase centers next to our games departments to bring the whole offer together for our customers - so if someone’s enjoyed playing a game online, they can pre-order or purchase it there and then," says Ellis. Adds managing director Simon Fox, "A key element of HMV's ‘get closer’ strategy is to continually improve the in-store experience for our customers - establishing our stores as multi-channel, interactive destinations and bringing to life the product that they’re so passionate about."

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