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The soon-to-be-in-beta client overhaul turns GOG Galaxy into a hub for games and communities spread across multiple launchers and platforms.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

May 22, 2019

1 Min Read

GOG has detailed a coming overhaul for its GOG Galaxy platform that aims to turn the service into a hub for games and people spread across multiple launchers and platforms.

That big GOG Galaxy 2.0 update lets its users connect to their accounts on other PC-based platforms as well as game consoles and see their games collectively rounded up within GOG Galaxy.

It’s a new direction for GOG Galaxy, a platform that currently functions similarly to social game stores like Steam, and one that looks to address some of the divides that have opened as more and more PC game storefronts set up shop.

While GOG Galaxy 2.0 is also yet another PC game platform, the service aims to act as a hub for players with games spread across multiple storefronts. The company says any PC game imported into GOG Galaxy 2.0’s library can be launched or installed directly from the platform, and that it’ll be able to keep track of achievements and hours played for both PC and console games imported into its library.

On top of that, GOG notes that Galaxy 2.0 will support open-source, community-created platform integrations on top of the other in-development features the company has planned. The platform itself is set to launch into a closed beta soon, details on that and GOG Galaxy 2.0 as a whole can be found on its website

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