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GoD: Sony Announces Mobile God Of War

Sony Pictures Television has announced its slate of mobile games to be released in 2007, including God of War: Betrayal, an all new 2D game from Sony's hit franchise, as well as movie tie-in Spider-Man 3, game show conversion _Jeopardy! 20

Mathew Kumar, Blogger

May 9, 2007

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Sony Pictures Television has announced its slate of mobile games to be released in 2007, including titles such as movie tie-in Spider-Man 3, game show conversion Jeopardy! 2007 and God of War: Betrayal, an all new mobile game in the popular console series God of War. The full list of titles features God of War: Betrayal, Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man Puzzle, Jeopardy! 2007, Jump That Car, and Snoop Dogg Cruisin'. God of War: Betrayal takes place after the events of God of War. Humans and gods mistakenly accuse Kratos of betraying the Olympians, and Kratos must clear his name and win back the favor of Olympus. Featuring an original story from the writer of the console game, this title features interactive environments and a specialized 2D character animation engine, boasting "triple the number of frames per second versus recent competitive titles." Spider-Man 3 is a 2D side-scrolling game featuring combination moves and a destructible environment; Spider-Man Puzzle is a casual mobile game in which the player matches three or more identical game pieces on a grid-shaped board in order to advance, score points and defeat evil villains. The game features story-driven elements. Jeopardy! 2007 is a sequel to the original Jeopardy! On mobile, and features a newly designed interface, and content is created by writers of the TV show. Players can win over 75 different virtual trophies and badges in five modes of play including single, against computer, and play against other contestants in daily tournaments. The title is a subscription game. In Jump That Car players pilot a buggy through environments filled with hills and valleys, taking jumps and trying to make landings. Power-ups can be collected and players can race alone, against a ghost buggy of their previous best time or play a crash mode, where the farthest crash-landing wins. In Snoop Dogg Cruisin' players must impress "Snoop" with hopping and tilting skills using customized low rider cars. "Sony Pictures Television continues its tradition of robust mobile offerings with the release of these games," said Eric Berger, Vice President of Mobile Entertainment. "Building from our vast library of properties, we're developing the most compelling and engaging games for both casual players and gamers." [Further coverage of mobile game news and features is available at new CMP Game Group site GamesOnDeck, from which this story is cross-posted.]

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