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GoD Feature: 'Q&A: Mobile Complete CEO Faraz Syed'

In the latest feature for Gamasutra's sister mobile game news site, GamesOnDeck <a href="http://www.gamesondeck.com/feature/1378/qa_mobile_complete_ceo_faraz_syed.php">talks with Mobile Complete CEO Faraz Syed</a> about how his DeviceAnywhere service - wh

Brandon Boyer, Blogger

April 20, 2007

1 Min Read

In the latest feature for Gamasutra's sister mobile game news site, GamesOnDeck talks with Mobile Complete CEO Faraz Syed about how his DeviceAnywhere service - which allows remote interaction with any networked mobile - gives developers a 'huge advantage.' In this excerpt, Syed explains how DeviceAnywhere gives developers and users the power to remotely access and manipulate any networked handset as if it were directly in the user's hands: “Direct-To-Device enables full over-the-Internet interaction with actual physical handsets connected to live networks, from any location in real-time. It utilizes an electrical integration approach in which electrical connections are made to various input/output interfaces of live handsets. These electrical connections are then stimulated via software that is controllable over the Internet. This provides the ability to remotely access and operate the handsets, press keys, tap touch-screens, view the LCD, listen to ringers and speakers and manipulate other inputs and outputs such as LEDs, vibrators, battery controls, power charger controls, flip/slide controls, etc. In essence, Direct-To-Device allows users to operate remote handsets as if these handsets were in the users' hands. Therefore, users can remotely utilize real handsets for all their testing, monitoring, and sales/support needs without ever needing actual physical phones in their hands.” You can now read the full GamesOnDeck feature on the subject, with more from Syed on just what advantages this gives mobile developers and what the future holds for Mobile Complete (no registration required, please feel free to link to this feature from external websites).

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Brandon Boyer is at various times an artist, programmer, and freelance writer whose work can be seen in Edge and RESET magazines.

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