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GDC Radio: 'Developers Are From Jupiter, Marketers Are From Saturn'

The latest GDC Radio podcast is 'Developers Are From Jupiter, Marketers Are From Saturn', a GDC 2005 audio lecture featuring April Jones from Arctic Light and Billy Cain from Critical Mass Interactive, and focused on the crucial issue of developer/marketi

Simon Carless, Blogger

August 23, 2006

2 Min Read

Gamasutra is proud to present a series of weekly podcasts will alternate between two sources under the overarching GDC Radio brand - the Gamasutra podcast, a new original podcast show, and GDC Radio Archives, which will feature exclusively the best lectures, tutorials, and roundtables from this and previous years' Game Developers Conference. Today's GDC Radio lecture comes from our extensive archive of Game Developers Conference recordings. This week, we present 'Developers are from Jupiter, Marketers are from Saturn: Learn the Secret Codes for Working with a Marketing Team,' the GDC 2005 lecture featuring April Jones from Arctic Light and Billy Cain from Critical Mass Interactive, and focused on the crucial issue of developer/marketing interaction. The abstract explains: "How many times have you been irritated by last minute marketing requests during crunch time? With hundreds of games released every year, a good marketing team and plan is essential for the success of any game. However, there is a pervasive communication gap between marketing and development teams that often borders on hostile. This lecture pairs a veteran developer with a veteran marketer (a 'thorn in the side of developers including Red Storm Entertainment, Ubi Soft Entertainment, and Funcom') to hash out a checklist of things developers should count on or discuss with marketing for every project. Listeneres will receive a better understanding of the key things they can always count on from marketing teams. This information will put developers in a better position to control and understand the needs from either in-house or external marketing groups." You can now read more about the lecture, or directly download the 'Developers Are From Jupiter, Marketers Are From Saturn' GDC Radio panel (.MP3, 13.8 MB). You may also subscribe to our podcast feed to automatically receive each podcast episode as it debuts.

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Simon Carless


Simon Carless is the founder of the GameDiscoverCo agency and creator of the popular GameDiscoverCo game discoverability newsletter. He consults with a number of PC/console publishers and developers, and was previously most known for his role helping to shape the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Conference for many years.

He is also an investor and advisor to UK indie game publisher No More Robots (Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw), a previous publisher and editor-in-chief at both Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine, and sits on the board of the Video Game History Foundation.

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