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GDC Podcast: 'Ageia's Michael Steele'

Live from the Game Developers Conference, Gamasutra presents the latest <a href="http://www.gdcradio.net/">special GDC interview podcast</a> featuring Michael Steele, vice president of marketing at Ageia on the company's push for mass-market adoption of i

Brandon Boyer, Blogger

March 12, 2007

1 Min Read

Gamasutra is proud to present the latest in the special GDC interview series of our regular podcasts, which include both the Tom Kim-presented Gamasutra Podcast show, alongside the best lectures, tutorials, and roundtables from this and previous years' Game Developers Conferences. For today's edition of the Gamasutra Podcast we feature an interview with Michael Steele, vice president of marketing at physics hardware manufacturer and developer Ageia. The company has been continuing to make strides at mass-market adoption, most recently announcing both expansion of the company's processing units into mobile hardware, as well as working on original games that take advantage of Ageia's specialized physics engine, including the action title CellFactor and Warmonger. In the course of our conversation, we discuss the pivotal year Ageia has ahead of it, facing competition from ATI's Crossfire and Nvidia's SLI boards, and how the company can make the case to core gamers that its hardware can provide solutions for real, perceivable improvements in game mechanics, beyond visual effects. You can now download the Gamasutra Podcast, Interview with Michael Steele (.MP3, 10 minutes, 4.9 MB). In addition, you can subscribe to the Gamasutra podcasts by clicking this link for iTunes. You can manually subscribe to our feed in your favorite RSS reader that supports enclosures by using this URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GDCRadio.

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Brandon Boyer is at various times an artist, programmer, and freelance writer whose work can be seen in Edge and RESET magazines.

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