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GCG: Students, New Developers Dream Up Game Hero

Game dev students and newcomers to the industry have voiced their thoughts on the next big video game hero. They were asked to develop an original character; the <a href="http://gamecareerguide.com/features/598/results_from_the_game_design_.php">three bes

Jill Duffy, Blogger

August 21, 2008

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Game dev students and newcomers to the industry have voiced their thoughts about what kind of character should be the next big video game hero. In a weekly game design contest run by GameCareerGuide.com, readers of the site were asked to develop a completely original character; the three best game heroes (plus two honorable mentions) have been posted on the site, alongside some amazing artwork by these up-and-coming designers. The three heroes given attention in the article are: "1. Akiuta, a Japanese mother who’s trying to save not only her son, but all the children of her village who have been captured; concept by James Crow, Arkansas State University. 2. Jurai, a Moses-like survivor raised in a foreign land by a stranger, destined to kill two evil forces that haunt him; concept by Ben Retan, associate game designer at Midway Studios Austin. 3. Jaclyn “Jackie” Aylward, a rebellious teenage lesbian, trying to solve the disappearance of her lover; concept by Colin Schofield." Several talented artists submitted some stunning visual works as entries, the best of which is displayed in the article. To read the complete character sketches, see the "Results from the Game Design Challenge: Hero" article on GameCareerGuide.com.

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