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In a <a href="http://www.gamecareerguide.com/features/436/how_scad_helped_me_break_into_the_.php"> new feature interview from sister web site GameCareerGuide.com</a>, Bryan Godwin, an art director at EA Chicago and Savannah College of Art and Design alumn

Jill Duffy, Blogger

October 9, 2007

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Bryan Godwin is currently an art director at Electronic Arts, Chicago, and is an alumnus of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Sister web site GameCareerGuide.com recently posted an interview with him on how SCAD helped him get a job in game development. Godwin's story is a testament to how things can go right. His first job in games was with Square working on Final Fantasy IX. In this excerpt, he explains SCAD’s role in building his career launch pad and reveals that despite what went on before college, it’s never too late to push forward into getting an education in game development. “GCG: Tell us about your education at SCAD and what kinds of things you did that prepared you for job hunting in the game industry. BG: At the time that I attended, it was before the track system; I believe you just picked a major. My major was ‘computer art,’ though, for a time I considered double majoring with ‘videography.’ I took a few classes but decided I didn't want to commit to the extra year for a double major. SCAD gave a very good education overall, the classes that I think helped the most were the foundation art classes, life drawing, color theory, 2D and 3D design. All of this came out in the CG work that I did for my reel. SCAD also gave us students a lot of freedom and the equipment to do work outside our classes. I think the best thing you can do is spend as much time as possible perfecting your works. GCG: Aside from attending SCAD, what's your educational background? BG: Oddly, I actually dropped out of high school to try and be a rock star with my band at the time. I went on to get a GED before getting accepted at SCAD -- not that I'm recommending dropping out of high school …” You can now read the full interview on GameCareerGuide.com.

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