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Gamecube Out-Profits the Wizards of Hogwarts

The Nintendo Gamecube proved to be the winner in terms of revenues over the weekend surpassing the box office hit, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Game Developer, Staff

November 20, 2001

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Movie industry sources put ticket receipts for the three-day opening weekend of Harry Potter at $93.5 million. However, Nintendo puts the combined U.S. retail revenues for the Gamecube at more than $98 million in just its first single day of availability on Sunday. The Nintendo Gamecube also represented the top videogame launch of 2001, with the initial hardware unit sales running more than twice that of the Microsoft Xbox, and even Nintendo’s successful Gameboy Advance. Many stores reported selling out of the Gamecube in a matter of hours. Nintendo of America hopes to ship a total of 1.1 million hardware systems to retailers by Christmas.

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