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Gamasutra's sister educational site <a href="http://www.gamecareerguide.com">GameCareerGuide.com</a> is seeking submissions from industry professionals, educators, and students on topics related to game education, including How-To, Research, Getting Start

July 23, 2007

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Author: by Beth A.

GameCareerGuide.com, founded by the CMP Game Group (creators of Gamasutra, Game Developer magazine, and Game Developers Conference), is a site evolved from the education coverage on sister site Gamasutra, and aimed specifically at students, aspiring students, and educators in the game industry. We welcome educators, industry professionals, and students to submit for publication on the website. Generally, submissions fall into the following categories, but we also encourage unique topics including but certainly not limited to software reviews, curriculum experiences, series on involvement in game contests, and game education related event coverage. How-To: Educators and industry professionals are needed for vocational skill-related articles in the areas of art, design, programming, audio, and writing. Research: Game studies researchers can share research topics and projects. Getting Started: Introductory level articles on topics such as strategies for school, deciding career paths, and getting jobs. Postmortems: Faculty and students are invited to share what went right and what went wrong in self-developed games and game-related projects. Theses: Students may submit theses from undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in game development or related disciplines from accredited, full-time colleges and universities. Day in the Life: Chronicling a typical day for faculty and students involved in games. Soapbox: Opinion articles that are specifically related to game education or the experiences of faculty and students in game industry. Interested parties can send submissions via email to [email protected], and can consult the Game Career Guide website for more information, features, and news from the world of game education.

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