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Gamasutra's Best Of The Week: September 26th

We round up the top features, news and blogs of the past week on Gamasutra and Game Career Guide, including a Persona 4 analysis, Igneous postmortem, and Val

September 26, 2010

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Author: by Staff

Every weekend, we'll be rounding up the top full-length features, news and blogs of the past week on 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus the new pieces from sister site GameCareerGuide that debuted last week. This time, some of the highlights include interviews with Crytek, Valve, and Atari, plus analysis on cloud gaming, the heritage of older game titles, a neat IGF-winning student game postmortem, narrative analysis on Persona 4, and lots more. Here's the rundown for the last seven days: - The last week of notable Gamasutra features includes a number of notable pieces, including an interview with Crytek's Cevat Yerli, a discussion of psychology and game development, plus a postmortem of Dejobaan's Aaaaaa!, a chat with Erik Wolpaw about Portal 2, and a comparison of core and social game mechanics. - Educational site GameCareerGuide's latest features include a postmortem of IGF Student Showcase-honored title Igneous, plus a game narrative review for Atlus' Persona 4. - The highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs see industry notables write about diverse topics, including Facebook's new game policies, Kinect concerns, and the importance of randomness. - In addition, Gamasutra's Member Blogs highlights include the pacing of narratives, comparisons between games and film, and the problems with the mobile game marketplace. - Some of the top Gamasutra news interviews of the last seven days include an interview with Atari GO head Thom Kozik, plus PopCap's James Gwertzman on launching its casual portfolio in the East and a chat with Grasshopper's Suda41 on Digital Reality co-production Sine Mora. - Other original stories worth noting include an interview with Steve Gaynor on the Minerva's Den DLC for BioShock 2, analysis on regular iteration of game franchises, a chat to ex-Google exec Mark DeLoura, plus a defense of cloud gaming, and a look at what's being done with older games in today's market.

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