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For Sale: 3DO Assets, Slightly Used

As part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, The 3DO Company has launched a <a href="http://www.3doinfo.com">web site</a> whereby interested parties can explore purchasing the company’s assets.

Game Developer, Staff

July 31, 2003

1 Min Read

These asset groups include in part, along with the deposits required to secure them: All 3DO assets: $250,000 SRS (Street Racing): $100,000 Heroes of Might & Magic: $100,000 High Heat Baseball: $100,000 Army Men: $100,000 Cubix: $10,000 Jonny Mosley: $10,000 Bid qualification closes August 6, 2003, with cash deposits due by August 12, 2003. The sales process is being conducted by Alliant Partners.

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