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FCC Docs Reveal Sony's PSP-3001 Upgrade

Documents filed with the FCC show that Sony's got a new PSP, the PSP-3001, in the works -- though with few outwardly visible core design modifications, it appears that cost reduction and potential security improvements are the priorities for the increment

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

August 14, 2008

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Sony's preparing a new PSP, according to Federal Communications Commission docs. The new specs show not much new under the sun, apparently more of a fine-tuning than a redesign. The docs, unearthed by consumer tech blog Gizmodo, show few visible changes to the basic design. This "new" model PSP, called the PSP-3001, is likely aimed at reducing manufacturing expenses and increasing security against software pirates. During his E3 roundtable, Sony Computer Entertainment of America president and CEO Jack Tretton said the company was working on "remedies moving forward... to close the loopholes" for PSP software piracy, which the company pegs for the handheld's fairly low global software sales. He also admitted that Sony was considering increased storage space for the PSP, to better facilitate digital delivery. "I think you're seeing a migration as the cost of memory comes down and we see it slimmer and lighter," he said.

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