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Cloud save support appeared on the Epic Games Store last month, but Epic has now expanded the list of games with the feature and explained why support is only trickling out.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

August 15, 2019

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Epic continues its slow rollout of new features for the Epic Games Store with expanded support for cloud saves, keyless integration with Humble sites, and some light store redesigns.

Those features follow along with the public roadmap Epic keeps for in-development additions to its fledgling Epic Games Store storefront, including some developers curious about the store may find interesting.

Store pages, for one, have been redesigned as part of this latest update to offer more visible information upfront and more media on the page, something Epic notes was done to “developers more control over the presentation of their games, and also for customers to make better purchase decisions.”

In a similar vein, a redesign of the Epic Games Store’s library is on the way as well.

Cloud saves first popped up on the storefront last month, but only for a handful of titles. This update brings support to more titles, but the feature is still not universally support by games in the Epic Games Store.

Epic says that cloud saves will continue to roll out gradually in the future, saying that it is currently working with the devs of other Epic Games Store titles to test cloud save compatibility. On top of this, any future games that support cloud saves (and any Ubisoft titles with Uplay integration) will have the feature flipped on at launch.

Other than that, Epic Games Store accounts can now be linked up with those on Humble to activate Humble Bundle and Humble Store purchases on EGS without needing an activation key. A full breakdown of those new and coming changes can be found on the Epic site.

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