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Empire Interactive has announced that it will be bringing Myst, Cyan Worlds' classic 1993 adventure game, to the DS in North America in March 2008, adding new tools and items to the original game mechanics, and new dual-screen features.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

January 16, 2008

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Empire Interactive has announced that Myst, the classic 1993 adventure game developed by Cyan Worlds, will be released to the North American audience on Nintendo DS in March 2008. Empire says the DS Myst, ported by San Francisco's Hoplite Research, will make extensive use of the handheld's dual-screen interface, with information and magnified objects on the upper screen and mini-tools and world navigation on the touch screen. This latest Myst release also adds new tools, including a magnifying glass, camera, notebook, and map, allowing players to inspect and interact with items, take snapshots for future use, take notes in a diary and mark key locations in the game, which casts the player as an anonymous stranger exploring an island to solve mysteries surrounding a set of bizarre books. Says Empire Interactive vice president of sales Karim Farghaly, "As one of the strongest video game franchises in history, with more than 12 million games sold, we felt it was only natural to partner with Hoplite Research and Cyan Worlds to bring Myst to an innovative system like the DS. The DS addition to the Myst game library allows players to take advantage of the new features created exclusively for the DS, while still maintaining the integrity of this classic game, creating a refreshed, on-the-go adventure experience for players of all ages."

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