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Electronic Arts Announces EA Sports GameShow

Electronic Arts has announced EA SPORTS GameShow, a new downloadable PC sports trivia game that will let players nationwide compete head-to-head online in multiple-choice sports quizzes facilitated in real-time by a live game show host.

Leigh Alexander

September 5, 2007

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Electronic Arts has announced EA Sports GameShow, its new online sports trivia game geared for sports fans who want to show off their knowledge of sports facts, giving them a chance to compete online with sports nuts around the nation. Developed at EA Tiburon (Madden NFL) franchise, EA Sports GameShow is a free downloadable PC game, and EA says new programming will be updated daily, with broadcasting beginning this fall. EA Sports GameShow allows participants from around the country to compete head to head, answering a series of multiple choice questions related to the world of sports. A live game show host will facilitate each session, streamed over the Internet in real-time. Questions will be presented through a variety of media, including text, audio and video. Players will also be able to track their performance instantly, with prize incentives. The online sports trivia game will also feature customizable avatars and leader boards, with call outs to regional and national winners. Peter Moore, president of the EA Sports Label commented, "EA Sports GameShow is an exciting addition to the EA SPORTS portfolio and the perfect complement to our core simulation sports product lineup. As we create new experiences on new platforms that target larger and more diverse audiences, EA Sports GameShow is a massively multiplayer game with broad appeal and high accessibility."

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