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Electronic Arts on Tuesday revealed Darkspore, a Diablo-styled PC sci-fi action RPG loot-fest debuting in 2011 from Maxis Studios -- and inspired by Will Wright's 2008 creature sim Spore.

Kris Graft, Contributor

July 20, 2010

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Electronic Arts on Tuesday revealed Darkspore, a Diablo-style PC sci-fi action RPG loot-fest from Maxis Studios -- inspired by Will Wright's 2008 creature sim Spore. The game is a notable departure for Maxis, which made its name under the EA umbrella with systems-based simulation games like SimCity and The Sims. Darkspore is due in February 2011 for PC. It is the first major new title announcement for the studio since the departure of SimCity and The Sims creator Will Wright. "Darkspore is its own fully robust PC action RPG, and it's set in an action sci-fi world. It's not an extension of Spore, but it was inspired by and shares some of the innovative technology we created for Spore," said Lucy Bradshaw, general manager of Maxis. She said the game will have the "depth you would expect of an action RPGs," and a high level of customization options for players. The game will also have extensive online features, including multiplayer. Executive producer Mike Perry unveiled the game at a Gamasutra-attended media briefing at EA's Redwood Shores headquarters, saying "Darkspore is a game about loot," with a heavy emphasis on four-player co-op play. The game also has a "full single player campaign" and multiplayer battles, EA said in a press statement. "In order to defeat the malicious Darkspore, players will need to collect an arsenal of living weapons -- genetic heroes with different combat abilities -- and upgrade them with tens of thousands of collectible body parts and armor," EA explained.

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