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E3: Peter Moore: HD-DVD's Death Greatly Exaggerated

In an exclusive interview, Xbox head Peter Moore responded to Peter Dille of Sony's <a href=http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=14679>comments to Gamasutra</a> regarding the Xbox 360's sustainability, and his statement that HD-DVD would

Brandon Sheffield, Contributor

July 13, 2007

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In an exclusive interview, Xbox head Peter Moore responded to Peter Dille of Sony's comments to Gamasutra regarding the Xbox 360's sustainability, and Dille's statement that HD-DVD would be dead within months. "If they want to have an opinion about something that's 10 years down the road, that's fine," said Moore, regarding Microsoft's commitment to the 360. "I don't want to get into a sparring match with them over this," he continued, but mentioned that speculation about the future is nothing more than that - speculation. On the topic of HD-DVD, Moore was largely bullish. "On that mark I look forward to speaking with you at, say, CES next year," he began. "I was just looking at HD-DVD numbers over the weekend, and I think Toshiba may have an opinion about that." "Of course, the fact that Sony has an economic interest in making sure that it’s dead is interesting. I think his comments will be read with interest by folks in the European Union, and looking at the tactics the Blu-Ray forum has been using to ensure that retailers do things their way. Let’s just look at what happens this holiday. I think it’s kind of a preposterous statement. Within months? No." The full Moore interview will run on Gamasutra at a later date, discussing the handheld market, casual entries, strategies for Japan, and what Microsoft could be doing better in the games space.

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