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Distance Learning Program Announced For Aspiring Game Developers

e-Institute, a New York City-based distance learning company, announced <a href="http://www.gameinstitute.com">GameInstitute</a>, a series of online courses for aspiring game developers.

Game Developer, Staff

April 6, 2001

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GameInstitute will offer eight Internet courses, consisting of electronic textbooks in PDF or HTML format, multimedia lectures, chat rooms with the faculty, and message boards. The courses will be 6-12 weeks long and will cost $45-$90 (including materials). GameInstitute states that an additional dozen courses are scheduled to roll out by the end of the year. The faculty members, and their corresponding courses, are the following:

  • John De Goes (Game Mathematics, Introduction to C and C++ Programming)

    • Brian Eiserloh (Introduction to C and C++ Programming)

    • Alex Ferrier (3D Game Programming with OpenGL, Real Time 3D Terrain Rendering Part II)

    • Adam Hoult (Advanced 3D BSP, PVS and CSG Techniques)

    • Mickey Kawick (DirectX Programming Sight and Sound)

    • Peter Kovach (3D Game Programming with Direct3D)

    • Andre LaMothe (No course listed)

    • Gary Simmons (Advanced 3D BSP, PVS and CSG Techniques)

    • Stan Trujillo (Exploring The DirectInput 8 API, Network Game Programming with DirectX 8)

    • Bryan Turner (RealTime 3D Terrain Rendering Part I & II) The first series of classes begins April 16th.

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