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DC, Capcom Partner For Resident Evil, Devil May Cry Comics

Following recent news of its plans to strengthen ties with Hollywood, publisher Capcom has announced it will also be moving further into the world of comics, DC imprint Wildstorm working on new books in its Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fr

Michael Zenke, Blogger

July 29, 2008

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Following close on the heels of further details of its CG Resident Evil movie, Capcom has announced plans to bring its series of survival horror epics to the world of comic books as well. The Wildstorm imprint of DC comics will be taking on both the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchises in brand-new book lines, the two studios announced today. Details on the new series, including creative team and launch month, will be announced at a later date. Wildstorm is perhaps best known for the works of comic legend Jim Lee, and has published several notable series over the imprint's lifespan. Stormwatch and its successful sequel, The Authority, are the best known. This marks the first return of the Wildstorm artist and writers to the zombie-infested world since their 2002 Resident Evil: Code Veronica comic series. Capcom sites this as yet another extension of the highly successful Resident Evil franchise, which has previously seen offerings in other comic lines, toys, video games, movies, and novels. The publisher notes that the video games alone have sold some 34 million units since the original game was released in 1996, with the upcoming Resident Evil 5 expected to add significant numbers to that figure. Said Wildstorm VP and general manager Hank Kanalz, “We’re ecstatic that Resident Evil is returning to Wildstorm, where we have already established deep roots into the mythos of this world. We can’t wait to continue, and bring a freshness and excitement to the property to match the amazing things they are doing with the game."

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