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Critical Reception: Capcom's Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

This week's Critical Reception features the Capcom developed and published Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X for the PSP, an extended remake of the blue bomber's 1997 16...

Frank Cifaldi, Contributor

February 1, 2006

3 Min Read

This week's Critical Reception features the Capcom developed and published Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X for the PSP, an extended remake of the blue bomber's 1997 16-bit debut, Mega Man X. Reception so far has been positive, with an 80% average rating on game criticism compilation resource Gametab, with most reviewers sharing the opinion that yes, while Maverick Hunter X is technically a nine-year-old game, and that this new version doesn't do a whole lot to update Mega Man X to modern sensibilities, this is still a solid and enjoyable game that withstands the tests of time. "Even though the gameplay is over ten years old, it's still a prime example of quality platforming," said GameSpy's Phil Theobold. "The levels are incredibly well designed and there are some outstanding boss fights. There are also a few hidden items in the game that considerably power X up, so you'll have to replay the stages in order to find them all. Since the stages are so much fun, this doesn't even seem like a chore." Gamespot's Alex Navarro agrees. "Though the X series did eventually run out of steam as the years went on, the original Mega Man X is one of the best Mega Man games out there, and Maverick Hunter X does nothing to ruin that," his review states. "The gameplay pops just as well as it did back in 1993." The only substantial complaint we've seen comes from 1Up's Jeremy Parish, who says that the game's new 3D polygonal models make the tricky platforming gameplay less accurate than with the original's 2D sprites. "In countless subtle ways, it just doesn't play as smoothly or precisely as the original game," said Parish. "Tough jumps are a little trickier, dodging projectiles a little harder, avoiding collisions a little more difficult. Mega Man X was a game that sometimes required pixel-perfect precision; when the pixels disappear, that accuracy becomes lost." The PSP remake also adds a touch of voice acting, which Parish says is "mostly good...aside from the fact that X sounds frothingly pissed-off all the time and feels the need to shout the name of his special weapons every single time he uses them." Gamespot's Navarro also commented: "Some of the acting feels a little off in spots, but for the most part the game just seems to be going for the ultraexaggerated, anime-esque inflections, and it pulls it off." The game also includes a bonus cartoon, which made Gamespy's Phil Theobald really, really excited. "The other slick bonus is a brand new, half hour long anime that serves as the prequel to the events that happen in the game," he said. "This never before seen show is very well animated and features some top notch voice acting from professional voice actors (we're not talking typical Capcom game voiceover quality here, folks). This was a fantastic treat to unlock and it'll really make you wish for a full-on X anime series." All in all, reception has been fairly unanimous, and can be summed up easily as follows: classic Mega Man games are generally great, even today. Mega Man X was one of the best of the old lot. Therefore, because this new port does not detract from the original, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X is a fine, fine game, with enough extras and "fan service," as Parish so eloquently put it, to keep even the most hardcore of fans interested.

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