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Codemasters Online (DiRT, Emergency Mayhem) has announced the company will release NetDevil's space combat MMORPG Jumpgate in 2008, publishing and operating the game exclusively in Europe and working with the developer to bring it to North A

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

January 29, 2008

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Codemasters Online (DiRT, Emergency Mayhem) has announced they will release space combat MMORPG Jumpgate, developed by NetDevil (LEGO Racers), in 2008. Jumpgate will allow players to choose from one of three playable nations, trade commodities, and participate in outer space raids and quests, becoming a hero or a space pirate. Codemasters Online says it will publish and operate Jumpgate exclusively across Europe and will work with NetDevil to bring the game to the North American market. NetDevil previously announced Jumpgate Evolution as a "substantial update" to its original 2001 space combat MMO which will bring a graphic overhaul, more advanced AI, new missions, and a more accessible user interface. NetDevil has said the update will be "staying true to its early vision" and "catering to the games' existing and loyal fan base" while enhancing the game play to make the game "accessible to the widest possible range of users." Codemasters Online vice president David Solari commented, "We are very pleased to be working with NetDevil to release this exciting project across North America & Europe. Jumpgate brings something new and fresh to the online persistent space. The all-action approach and thrilling, twitch-based space combat really sets it apart from other MMOs in the market and we are very much looking forward to releasing this space epic in late 2008."

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