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Capcom Shows N-Gage Support With Resident Evil Degeneration 2

Capcom is "illustrating [its] dedication to the N-Gage" by bringing a game based on the upcoming Resident Evil Degeneration CG film to that platform, slated to release later this year and promising to leverage N-Gage-compatible smartphones' specifi

Leigh Alexander

September 19, 2008

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A portable game spawned by Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil Degeneration film is coming to Nokia's N-Gage, the companies announced today, slated to release later this year. The companies say the gameplay's tailored specifically for the N-Gage platform -- which was formerly a standalone piece of mobile phone hardware, and is now a software and multiplayer platform integrated into several of Nokia's smartphones. Capcom and Nokia are hoping to show off the new N-Gage's capabilities with two separate play modes and 3D graphics. Like the full-length CG film of the same name, Resident Evil Degeneration's story focuses on the release of a deadly virus by a terrorist at a U.S. airport. Franchise mainstays Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are tasked with stopping the virus' spread across the country. Capcom mobile division general manager Takeshi Tezuka says the release of Degeneration on the platform "illustrates our dedication to N-Gage." "We believe that the platform is an excellent home for some of our most famous franchises and our dedication to quality and creative thinking has seen us create a unique game with stunning visuals and in-depth game play, never before seen on the mobile." Gregg Sauter, Nokia's director of third-party publishing, adds, "Resident Evil Degeneration will serve as an exciting new chapter for fans of the series and deliver a unique gaming experience that they will not be able to achieve anywhere else."

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