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Capcom Drops First Harvey Birdman Details

Capcom has released the first details of its upcoming Harvey Birdman branded game coming this fall to the PlayStation 2 and PSP, confirming Phoenix Wright-like courtroom antics and all the humor found Adult Swim's offbeat animated series.

Jason Dobson, Blogger

April 16, 2007

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Following the announcement late last week that Capcom is working with Cartoon Network on a game based on Adult Swim's Harvey Birdman animated series, the company has released the first details for the interactive fiction title for the PlayStation 2 and PSP. The game is expected to ship this fall in North America for both platforms. In development by High Voltage (Family Guy game), Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law will feature a courtroom setting similar that that seen in Phoenix Wright, and will offer players a collection of legal cases, each acting as a self contained story. According to Capcom, the game “is primarily an interactive story that the player participates in, rather than a challenge-based game that needs to be won.” While playing the game, players will guide Harvey through a series of odd and comical cases. In order to prove his clients' innocence, Harvey must explore the scene of the crime, gather evidence, talk with other cartoon characters, occasionally have drinks with opposing council, and expose (sometimes ridiculous) holes in the testimony provided by the witnesses for the prosecution. “Combining Capcom’s adventure game expertise with Adult Swim’s Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law characters is an ideal match,” said Jack Symon, director, marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “Capcom will be providing the game design direction while Harvey Birdman show writers will be assisting in bringing the stories to life with their unique brand of humor.”

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