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Capcom Details CG Film Resident Evil: Degeneration

Joining several other in-development feature films, Capcom has announced details on its forthcoming full-length CG film Resident Evil: Degeneration, being produced by Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, and writt

Michael Zenke

July 28, 2008

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Last week's Comic-con event saw some final details announced for another of Capcom's game-to-film franchise translations. The Resident Evil live-action films have been quite successful, with the company quoting a 2.8 billion dollar box office take from the most recent offering. Following on that success, they're in the final stages of production on Resident Evil: Degeneration. The first all-CG feature film in the Resident Evil franchise, the Comic-con event unveiled a number of new details about the project. The film was headed by director Makoto Kamiya, best known as special effects director for the film Sinking of Japan. Production company Digital Frontier tackled adaptation on the technical side. First announced in October 2007, the title is written by Sotaro Suga, well-known to anime fans for his work on the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series. Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer for titles such as Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry is acting as producer on the film project as well. The film will tell the story of Leon Kennedy and Clair Redfield, returning from their original appearance in Resident Evil 2. According to Capcom, Degeneration is set 7 years after the original Racoon City incident. Instead of returning to that familar setting, the film will take place in a Midwestern American town. Central to the plot will be "horrifying bioterrorism threats and zombie attacks in an airport." This title will extend the reach of the already wildly popular Resident Evil film franchise, and directly ties into Capcom's hopes to strengthen its other game properties into movie adaptations. Other Capcom film projects in the works include Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Clocktower, and a filmic adaptation of the Onimusha series slated for 2011. Though there was no word on a worldwide release date, Resident Evil: Degeneration will be screened digitally at theaters from October 18th to November 1st in three major Japanese cities.

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