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Canadian Firm Files Four Patents Related To 3D Graphics

IPROS Corporation, designs and develops leading edge mathematical co- processors, announced that it filed series of patents by the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva (www.wipo.org), which could have consequences for game developers.

Game Developer, Staff

December 12, 2001

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The four patent applications are the following: 1) "A Method and System For Implementing a Coprocessor" 2) "A Method & System For Processing Complex Numbers" 3) "Method & System For Processing Matrices of Complex Numbers" & FFT" 4) "Method & System For Processing Geometrical Figures" The company stated that "these patents create a solid foundation for applying the company's Technology to such industry's segments as: telecommunications, 3D-graphics, and computer games." Some background about the technology underlying the company's patents can be found at http://www.iproscorp.com/news.html.

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