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Butterfly.net Joins PS2 Middleware Program

Hoping to grow its business in the emerging world of online console games, Butterfly.net announced that it has joined Sony's PS2 Tools and Middleware program.

Game Developer, Staff

February 27, 2003

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As a PS2 middleware partner, Butterfly's development tools will be provided to registered PS2 developers so that they can access the company's huge online gaming computing network. The Butterfly grid, a large network based on IBM servers which uses integration and database software hosted at two IBM data centers, was designed to offload the setup and maintenance work that accompanies the rollout of a MMOG. Butterfly claims that its grid can handle a million simulanteous players. Registered PS2 developers will receive an SDK with sample games, client libraries, server software, documentation and technical support. Developers can access the grid by registering at www.butterfly.net.

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