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Best Of Indie Games: You Are My Sunshine

IndieGames.com weblog co- editor Tim W. rounds up the week's top free and commercial indie games, including an experimental project from Kyle Gabler and a new Hoshi Saga title.

Tim W., Blogger

January 8, 2010

3 Min Read

[IndieGames.com: The Weblog co-editor Tim W. rounds up the week's top free and commercial indie games from his sister 'state of indie' weblog.] This week on 'Best Of Indie Games', we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week. The goodies in this edition include a third-person stealth action game about a thief, an experimental project from World of Goo developer Kyle Gabler, and a new entry in the Hoshi Saga series. Other highlights include a freeware multiplayer top-down shooter, a puzzle game created for Game.Dev's 'Coherence' competition, and a free music-making tool with mesmerizing graphical effects. Here's the highlights from the last seven days: Game Pick: 'Hoshi Saga Ringo' (Nekogames, browser) "Hoshi Saga Ringo is a collection of twenty-five new puzzles designed by Yoshio Ishii, in which players must figure out the correct method to reveal a star that is hidden somewhere in every stage. The difficulty for each puzzle is indicated by the stars shown just below the preview image for each level, although most of them are actually pretty easy to solve compared to previous iterations in the series." Game Pick: 'Quick as Thieves' (Gentlemen of Fortune, freeware) "Quick as Thieves is a third-person action game in which you play as a thief out to steal an item called 'MacGuffin' from a museum. Though driven by a single objective that has to be completed in under ten minutes, there is plenty of room in your sack for just about every item you can get your grubby hands on." Game Pick: 'Sunshine' (Kyle Gabler, freeware) "Sunshine is a project created by Kyle Gabler (one half of 2D Boy) for the Experimental Gameplay's art game theme, where players are tasked with guiding a plant towards the skies while growing flowers and avoiding rocks. Looping around people causes them to turn into flowers, which gives off more energy for your plant to grow taller." Game Pick: 'Adrenaline' (Adrenaline Team, freeware) "Adrenaline is a freeware multiplayer top-down shooter created with the Game Maker engine, featuring a wide variety of weapons to use, four different game modes and support for user-created maps in addition to the official maps that comes with the download. Besides your standard ranged weapon, you can also swing a knife for melee attacks or throw grenades to hurt other players. The latest version of the game even includes a single-player mode with bots and stat tracking for registered Reflect users." Game Pick: 'ArGeeBee' (Rodain Joubert, freeware) "Created for the Game.Dev 'Coherence' competition, ArGeeBee is Rodain's attempt at splicing three different genres together. Supplied with three different little men, the green guy must use his match-3 skills to forge a path for the red who uses his vague RPG skills to kill baddies who are the same level as him, level up and defeat the boss. The blue can then use his platforming abilities to reach the goal. On each level, there is always a specific order in which the three heroes need to be moved and each must help the others out." App Pick: 'Audia' (Davioware, freeware) "Wonderfully experimental music maker, this. By creating note bars, gates and spawners, then fiddling around with a variety of sounds, noises and effects, Audia allows the user to create some incredibly brilliant sounding music pieces courtesy of bouncing bloom balls. The controls are initially a little difficult to understand, but once you're going it's beautiful stuff. Awesome fun to play around with - and you can even save your compositions for others to listen to."

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