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Best Of Indie Games: Goo Balls, Oh My

Every week, IndieGames.com: The Weblog editor Tim W. sums up top titles and happenings in indie games in the last seven days -- this time examining 2D Boy's World of Goo, a physics-based puzzler from _

Tim W., Blogger

October 10, 2008

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[Every week, IndieGames.com: The Weblog editor Tim W. sums up some of the top free-to-download and commercial indie games from the last seven days, as well as any notable features on his sister 'state of indie' weblog.] This week on 'Best Of Indie Games', we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week. The goodies in this latest version include two physics-based puzzlers and three platformer with different themes - avoid losing all your lives, kill yourself and travel back in time repeatedly. Game Pick: 'World of Goo' (2D Boy, commercial indie) "The award-winning World of Goo is finally out for the Windows platform, with a WiiWare release coming next week. 2D Boy's debut release has been getting plenty of rave reviews, and with all the good reasons - fun, engaging, charming and addictive." Game Pick: 'Tumbledrop' (dock, browser) "A physics-based puzzler created by Hayden Scott-Baron, a character artist whose work can be seen in the recent WiiWare release LostWinds. Much like Gabriel Ochsenhofer's Totem Destroyer, the goal of the game is to get the pink star down to the island in each stage without dropping it in the sea." Game Pick: 'Karoshi Suicide Salaryman' (Jesse Venbrux, browser) "A Flash implementation of the popular platformer series, where players must once again find unorthodox methods to assist our suit-wearing protagonist commit suicide." Game Pick: 'Love' (Fred Wood, freeware) "Not to be confused with Eskil Steenberg's similarly-titled MMO, Fred Wood's twenty-level platformer is now available as a free 30 MB download - no strings attached. If you love (no pun intended) frustrating platformers in the style of messhof's Punishment series then this is the right game for you." Game Pick: 'Temporal' (Oren Bartal, freeware) "A time-bending platformer in the style of Braid and The Adventures of P.B. Winterbottom. The game involves guiding a confused robot from one room to another, with subtle instructions on solving puzzles provided by a talking technological processing unit."

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